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Certified emission reductions and their expected future cash flow represent additional revenue streams, that make previously unprofitable projects possible. Carbon Services provides a range of transaction models, from directly purchasing the project's credits, arranging specific buyers for credits, providing access to the carbon pooling facilities that we manage, to bringing investors and project finance as part of the transaction.

Finance Services for Project Developers

Carbon Services helps project owners identify sources of investor financing. To ensure the lowest financing costs for our client partners, we work closely with project lenders and take measures to incorporate the proceeds from the carbon transactions in the financing structure of the project.

One way we work with developers is to form early commitments to purchase carbon credits, in lieu of our advisory services. This transaction type aligns our long term interests with the project developer, and provides a long term partnership model to both parties.

Our consultants also help project developers negotiate the best price and terms for their emission reduction sale transactions. Carbon Services, with the help of its efficient carbon consultants, provides project developers with consulting services to develop and design forward contracts and transaction structures for long term carbon emission transactions. We identify buyers for the credits, and negotiate long term forward sale contracts on behalf of our client partners.

Finance Services for Project Developers
Finance Services for Investors and Lenders

Carbon Services brings together project sponsors and their lender or investor counterparts. Acting on behalf of the investor or lender, Carbon Services incorporates the proceeds from the sale of emission reductions in the financing structure of the project. The project developer receives a lower cost of financing as a result of this structuring.

We then assist lenders and investors to resell the reductions on the market, providing investors with the additional revenue stream from the sale of emission reductions, enabling previously negative NPV projects.

Our carbon credit consultancy also help project investors find, screen and evaluate appropriate investment opportunities in the CDM arena.

Carbon Services Advantages

Carbon Services, through its international network of large emission buyers, carbon experts, and investors undertakes to pool emissions from multiple projects. These larger volumes of emission reductions lead to lower transaction costs, and higher revenues. Due to high transaction costs, small projects can often only enter the carbon market if pooled with similar projects.

The pooling of projects with different owners requires a very complex transaction structure. Carbon Services has the necessary expertise and financial structuring experience to develop the terms and conditions for these pooling transactions, in close coordination and negotiations with all stakeholders thus providing them with the best carbon finance consulting services.

Our Carbon Consultants provide advisroy services to the companies in order to generate additional revenues through the sale of carbon credits.

We also work with investors and bulk carbon buyers, such as large petroleum companies, to identify, evaluate, and market carbon credit pooling opportunities